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Three new art books that harmoniously connect the world of painting and poetry

Three new art books that harmoniously connect the world of painting and poetry

This is a collaboration between the painter Rafi Peretz and the poet Smadar Sharet. Each brings 30 years of mature creation with an emotional connection to issues they have both dealt with in the past: unfulfilled love, disappointment, pleasure, missing out and more.

Her poems, his paintings, have been carefully selected from existing works and poems. The matching of songs with the paintings is very impressive and you can feel the dialogue between the creators and the products alike.

‘Grandpa Yehuda’ – a minimalist sketchbook, based on a childhood memory of the poet. It tells in rhyming melodies about the unforgettable evening where her parents go out to a movie and leave her and her younger sister with Grandpa Yehuda. The grandfather, Yehuda Sharett – a man of spirit, composer and kapellmeister, the younger brother of Moshe Sharett, Israel’s second prime minister. He is interested in passing on the “taste” of the bible to his granddaughters.

Rafi Peretz is amazing in describing the grandfather as a lion, which both frightens and fascinates young girls.

Page from “Grandpa Yehuda”

In ‘This is a City’, diversity is the name of the game. Rafi dresses each Smadar’s song in a new guise in a variety of styles. The songs are about disappointed loves in Tel Aviv. The theme song: “This is a city”, gets an artistic expression in Rafi Peretz’s naive paintings in bursting colors: “This is the city that everything starts and ends with / This is the city that leaves signs in me / This is the city that continues to move / and climbs above the clouds” ..

‘Holding on to Life with Lust’ is a rare and unprecedented art album. Its large format allows us a new look at paintings and poems. The songs are taken from Smadar’s seven books of poetry and there are songs that have been published for first time in this book.

The viewing and reading experience is a cumulative experience. You are invited to dive into the emotional world of the two creators who work together to chart the pain and joy intertwined in a relationship. “The hidden glue / that connects partners / over the years / Please give me something from you …” Smadar writes, longing for a relationship, while Rafi brings a painting that deepens the couple’s experience which deepens the couple’s experience as they become more complex.

The song “The Hidden Paste” from the book grips life with lust.

These books, reveal to poetry lovers the art world and art lovers to the world of poetry and contribute to the existing and blessed trend of breaking boundaries between the fields of art & poetry.



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