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В рамках массовой краудфандинговой кампании выходит общественный художественный проект

“Тампера”, Лиза Гинзбург, 42Х30 см. Художественные проекты — это не только роскошь, но и играющие жизненно важную роль в создании возможностей, которые увеличивают вероятность того, что сообщества не смогут раскрыть и реализовать потенциал, заложенный в членах группы. Проект ART & CRAFT LAND — это вдохновляющий проект, который показывает, как предприниматель с мечтами вместе с отдельными […]

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פרויקט אמנותי קהילתי יוצא בקמפיין גיוס המונים

“טמפרה”,ליזה גינזבורג, 42X30 ס”מ פרויקטים אמנותיים אינם רק מותרות אלא ממלאים תפקיד מהותי ביצירת הזדמנויות המגבירות הסיכויים של קהילות שאין ביכולתן להחשף ולממש את הפוטנציאל הטמון בקרב חברי הקבוצה. פרויקט ART &CRAFT LAND הוא פרוייקט מעורר השראה המראה  כיצד יזם עם חלומות  יחד עם  אמנים בודדים יכולים לעשות שינוי. דוברינקה פרבנוב יזמית ומפיקת אירועים בעיקר בתחום […]

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How to start sell regularly in 30 days if you are an artist or fashion designer

How to sell a product/yourself in 30 days? Many of you heard me talking about digital marketing and optimization for brands & websites. I even made a webinar on this – you can find it on our channel. But how many of you know exactly what is SEO and why a fashion designer or artist […]

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A special hybrid exhibition “What Hides Behind the Advertising Walls”

Назад Далее International hybrid exhibition “Under the mask of fame” Dear friends, I invite all art lovers and collectors to a special exhibition “What Hides Behind the Advertising Walls” The Association for the Advancement of Art in Israel and AbroadArt UnlimitedIn collaboration withArt & Craft Land project We are proud to present to the public […]

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Launch of the ART & CRAFT LAND platform

Launch of the ART & CRAFT LAND platform Previous Next Following the corona most of the artists have to deal with a new and difficult reality and most of them are giving up on the dream in favor of earning a living in other fields as well. Dobrinka Parvanova from Bulgaria, which specializes in art […]

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A community art project is coming out in a mass crowdfunding campaign

“Tampera”, Lisa Ginzburg, 42X30 cm Art projects are not only luxuries but play a vital role in creating opportunities that increase the chances of communities not being able to expose and realize the potential inherent in group members. The ART & CRAFT LAND project is an inspiring project that shows how an entrepreneur with dreams together […]

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Three new art books that harmoniously connect the world of painting and poetry

Three new art books that harmoniously connect the world of painting and poetry Previous Next This is a collaboration between the painter Rafi Peretz and the poet Smadar Sharet. Each brings 30 years of mature creation with an emotional connection to issues they have both dealt with in the past: unfulfilled love, disappointment, pleasure, missing […]

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Re-birth, the Transformation – an art event of Art & Craft Land in Tel Aviv

Назад Далее RE-BIRTH, THE TRANSFORMATION – AN ART EVENT OF ART & CRAFT LAND IN TEL AVIV Hello everyone, now it’s time for our next exhibition in Tel Aviv.We invite you to meet us at the Russian Cultural Center from 7th to 21st October on Geulya 38, Str.  Just as our art initiative is reborn […]

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