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Art & Craft Land is partnering with the biggest crypto & NFT platform ( to promote its artists & brands. If you want to take a “quantum leap” and rise yourself to the next level, this project is for you. The participation in the NFT project with will give you the opportunity to gain new knowledge, unleash your potential as an artist, widely promote yourself in the digital space & new options successfully sell your art works. And this is just only a small part of the opportunities. Many artists already received a special support from and this is just the beginning.

The participation in the NFT project with your own collection is paid. To find our more about the conditions, contact us via whatsapp.

To find out how to create NFT by yourself, find out our free videos and courses HERE.


Artificial Intelligence Driven Gallery

Internet project related to AI, partnership with Technocrats Israel company (

The project is based on paintings by different artists and can turn any painting into a digital one (NFT).
This project proposes bringing thousands of artists together and transforming their real paintings into one digital NFT painting using a special program.

With the collaboration of the Niftycity Art & Craft Land is planning series of hybrid exhibitions (original+NFT) in Israel & abroad.

– The use of “Artificial Intelligence” to promote works of young and emerging artists.
– The use of “Artificial Intelligence” to create collaborative works of art based on digital elements provided by the Art&Craft Land community.

The project is free. You just need to participate with your paintings.

The first exhibition from this series starts soon. Find out more via the button below.


Virtual Reality

Art & Craft Land offers a new solution for your paintings and products in cooperation with ARVR Israel ( It is a company that works with VR (Virtual Reality) technology and offers solutions for the Red Cross and Police in Israel. This technology shows in space your picture or product 360 degrees and thus the customer can see how this product looks in his room and / or on a person. He raises your camera, and after 30 seconds your picture / product appears at your home, in the studio or in any room! You can take pictures of the room with them and people can walk around it.

There are trials with options for free & paid participations.



Art & Craft Land is now on Headstart platform and looking for your support!

You can now commit yourself and support artists in the world to promote themselves.

The funds will be used to renovate and extend the online platform and create more presence via art events in Israel and abroad.

For those who prefer to donate directly use the PAYPAL OPTION HERE.


Professional Consultation