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The first hybrid-NFT exhibition of Art & Craft Land in Jafo

Previous Next Right now, there are two very important news in the Art & Craft Land artists community: These are exhibitions with the NFT direction, hybrid exhibitions, which will be hosted by Dobrinka together with Ella Rosenberg in various cities around the country. The first of them will take place at the Old Jaffa Theater […]

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Art & Craft Land collaborates with the biggest crypto platform

Van Gogh when he sold his works, he could barely make ends meet. And first of all he would buy fabric and paints. To be an artist – is a vocation, to which an artist dedicates his life. Today his paintings are worth millions. Nothing has changed in our time. Of course, there are fashionable […]

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Launch of the ART & CRAFT LAND platform

Launch of the ART & CRAFT LAND platform Previous Next Following the corona most of the artists have to deal with a new and difficult reality and most of them are giving up on the dream in favor of earning a living in other fields as well. Dobrinka Parvanova from Bulgaria, which specializes in art […]

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A community art project is coming out in a mass crowdfunding campaign

“Tampera”, Lisa Ginzburg, 42X30 cm Art projects are not only luxuries but play a vital role in creating opportunities that increase the chances of communities not being able to expose and realize the potential inherent in group members. The ART & CRAFT LAND project is an inspiring project that shows how an entrepreneur with dreams together […]

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