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Re-birth, the Transformation – an art event of Art & Craft Land in Tel Aviv


Hello everyone, now it’s time for our next exhibition in Tel Aviv.
We invite you to meet us at the Russian Cultural Center from 7th to 21st October on Geulya 38, Str. 😀🎨🥂
Just as our art initiative is reborn every day and becomes more popular and bigger, also you can take the chance and take for yourself and your home something unique from our designers and artists. The choice is yours – you can be reborn even today: a beautiful designer dress, a handbag, carved leather and wood, doll for the interior, a painting or a sculpture. 🖼🎨🎁
We are waiting for you there, and in the comments you can suggest a topic for the next exhibition or what art products you are most interested in.
You can see details about the participants of this exhibition on the fb page of the event or on our website
This unique event – the first big event for our initiative, will be the start of the next exhibitions in Israel.
The Re-birth is a transformation, the end of the old and the beginning of the new, the unknown …  Like for many people this is the beginning of the transformation, a reunion of energy and stars, young and successful artists. This is also the beginning of our initiative. For us, this transformation means the birth of our initiative and assistance to Israeli art women, the creation of our community. The community means more to give than to take, to help others and this way raise yourself, your level and significance.
We bring together artists, designers and artists and meet with them with businesses and entrepreneurs.
1. Tasha Fox (Natalia Krashchina)
2. Larissa Lebowski
3. Andrei Lev Ari
4. Nelly Levin
5. These are Gluzman
6. Larissa Bonshaft
7. Julia Bogdanovskaya
8. Marusha (Maria Bessonov)
9. Yasia Kagan
10. Hannah Dania
11. Yevgeny Weissman
12. Yaakov Feldman
13. Michael Goldberg
14. Shir Beck
The exhibition is free, registration is required at the link:
After registering you will receive an email invitation that you need to print.
For those wishing to participate in our exhibitions, please write / call tel. 0548087491.
For sponsorship or present your brand in front of a new audience, call 0529370105.
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