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PR Art & Craft Land

PR Art & Craft Land

Van Gogh when he sold his works, he could barely make ends meet. And first of all he would buy fabric and paints. To be an artist – is a vocation, to which an artist dedicates his life. Today his paintings are worth millions. Nothing has changed in our time. Of course, there are fashionable and expensive artists, they were even then, but their paintings are usually bought by rich people. So it was at all times. But the most interesting thing is that if we take all the famous artists, then none of them was rich from selling their works. Because of what? Because honest art requires total devotion, when creating, because you can not do otherwise, when it is the meaning of life, and it has nothing to do with money.

Is there any point in buying original works by artists for the common man? Undoubtedly! The artist’s painting on the wall is better than a reproduction or something like that. This is a great gift. And who knows, maybe you’re taking a masterpiece. But of course, that the image should first and foremost please you and tell you something, give emotion and image, is for our soul, a window to other worlds, over time reveals its new aspects, and allows us to experience something inaccessible in daily routine, where something significant drowns… Or just decorate your design and it will also help the artist create more. Why not?

One of the differences between humans and animals, which are no less intelligent in their habitat, is the ability to create art. And art always has two creators: the one who creates it, and the one who observes it. Watching, listening, reading.

There were and still are various associations of artists. In particular, in Israel, event producer Dobrinka Parbanov embodied such an idea by building a digital Art & Craft Land platform for creative people, where they can present their work and meet interested clients. Here you will also find painting, drawing, sculpture and design. This is the only site that has it all, from a portrait, which can be ordered, to an engagement ring, a beautiful dress or a designer bag.

This is a world-class platform for artists and designer brands! This platform offers exclusive items not found on other platforms and custom made items. They are only made for one customer, and only in one copy. The project also has a community and social goal – to help artists keep up with global trends in the field of art and to advertise themselves on a global scale. Digital products are also offered and the modern direction of NFT is underway.

A few words about NFT. Due to recent events in the world, businesses have been looking for development opportunities in the online space. And one of those solutions was NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology – an unchangeable token. This is a cryptographic certificate that proves the possession of a unique object in the digital space. Thanks to cryptographic encryption, property rights cannot be forged. Essentially, the NFT protects the copyright of a work of art in the digital world.

One of the applications of NFT is crypto art, the sale of works by artists at auction. And although NFT is part of the blockchain economy, this technology allows the artist to receive payment in any preferred currency.

Right now, there are two very important news in the Art & Craft Land artists community:

These are exhibitions with the NFT direction, hybrid exhibitions, which will be hosted by Dobrinka together with Ella Rosenberg in various cities around the country. The first of them will take place at the Old Jaffa Theater and at Gesher, starting in Tel Aviv, and later in the municipalities of certain cities and galleries throughout the country.

An exhibition in which, in addition to Israeli artists, artists from Morocco, India, Azerbaijan and other countries also participate:

Catherine Chai, Malaysia
Crimea Chicken, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kamal Link, India
Petra Widbor Whip, Holland
Liesel Serenes Pro
Rita Gvorkian Art, Egypt
Sergei S. San Bazon
Gamal worked for Nosr, Venezuela
Zada Pazalia, Bosnia Herzegovina
Shayma Jamal Al. Beef, Egypt
Tefan Mehta, India
Dr. Brahim Muhammad, Morocco
Antiram from Medov, Azerbaijan
Alona Shpendik
Alina Grady Tennenbaum
Anastasia Tamiri
Tatiana Belkin
Dima Mogilevsky
Julia Devoni
Leah Tulczynski
Natalie and Rublevsky
Tanya Takachuk
Yasia Kagan and more

In these exhibitions it will be possible to purchase both the original painting and its digital copy. Art & Craft Land is collaborating with NFT-city, which installs special chips on paintings during exhibitions in galleries, so you can immediately buy not only the original, but also its digital copy on the spot.
This is a very good investment and guarantee, because if something happens with the NFT or the crypto currency fund, the original image always remains, and that is a guarantee. Conversely, if the original does not have a high enough price, there will always be a digital copy that will allow the original to become more expensive by wide advertising. You can display the digital copy to friends, show it in presentations, and watch it for yourself on screen, while the original is stored in a safe and secure place to prevent theft or damage.

It should also be added here that the Art & Craft Land project collaborates with other communities and art curators in different cities, and if anyone is interested in joint exhibitions with the NFT direction, they can contact Dobrinka ( and phone 0529370105).

An excellent example of such a collaboration is Art & Craft Land’s participation in a joint project with the multi-million international company.

Unique collections of famous artists from the Art & Craft Land project were created on the platform. It is the largest crypto platform and NFT market. One of their activities is that they give publicity and sponsorship to some of the artists, the platform prefers to sponsor women, so they liked the Art & Craft Land project, because it mainly involves women.

The platform aims to develop the NFT direction especially for artists. Their Twitter group in one language alone has over 700,000 followers, not to mention other social networks and in other languages. In their collections you will find famous Israeli artists such as Michael Hazin, Dima Mogilevsky, Arena Albo, Larissa Khodos, Ella Rosenberg, Aspir Shapiro and more. The launch of Art & Craft Land collections on will begin on 22.6.2022 with extensive promotion on their platform.

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