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Launch of the ART & CRAFT LAND platform

Launch of the ART & CRAFT LAND platform

Following the corona most of the artists have to deal with a new and difficult reality and most of them are giving up on the dream in favor of earning a living in other fields as well.

Dobrinka Parvanova from Bulgaria, which specializes in art projects, has decided to produce a digital platform under the name ART & CRAFT LAND for artists in Israel or, in fact, women artists. The platform is one LAND, where they can share their work, meet those interested in the works, exchange impressions and more. The unique platform provides a supportive shell for the artists, who gather under it and soon there will also be a unique exhibition. Dozens of artists have already joined the platform in the field of painting, sculpture, design and more.

Dobrinka Parvanova believes that women are the foundation of the home, of the family, they are the ones who take care of the children and it is more difficult for them to build a career hence she decided to produce a project that will help artists promote themselves online, around the world. The platform is connected to the largest online markets and also offers information in the areas of marketing and the arts. A warm company was created here that is connected to social networks to help with information and support, live meetings and more.

The site is currently being piloted and more and more information is being fed there, hence the use of the headstart platform for the crowdfunding campaign, to promote the platforms around the world.

The project community collaborated with many event organizers and software companies. Upcoming events will make it possible to teach artists what new opportunities are on their way, such as the NFT digital art market.

Together with the software company Nifty City and Ella Rosenberg, they want to offer collectors and lovers of Israeli art, a completely new format of exhibition. During the exhibition it will be possible not only to purchase original artwork but also the NFT.

Among the artists taking part in the ART & CRAFTLAND project:

Larysa Khodos

Alona Shpendik

Julia Bogdanovska

Jenny Lebedeva

Jenny Lebedeva – a multidisciplinary illustrator and artist who paints on canvas and digital. Graduate of the Department of Multidisciplinary Art at Shenkar. She recently completed a children’s book illustrator, also specializing in digital painting works for postcards, prints. In the field of art, she deals with conceptual art on the subject of “nothingness” and the existing emptiness.

Julia Devagny

Following a very turbulent life and the burning of the studio she suffered from depression and stopped with art. An imaginary angel who regained her heart, rekindled in her the endless hunger for art along with the discovery of shamanism, tantra and music.

After six years of stopping she is back to drawing angels, who accompany her everywhere and fill her life with meaning. At the same time he also often draws giant lizards.

Anna Laskin

Anna Laskin – owner of the design brand by anna laskin – designs clothes and accessories from textiles and besides merino wool, silk and natural fabrics. Works with wet and dry wool felting. All items are handmade and of each item there is only one. Most of the designs are versatile, brave, colorful and “crazy”.

Anna believes it is possible to be stylish at any age. Her clothes are mostly modeled by her 74-year-old mother and sister.

Yasia Kagan Tsarevsky

Yasia Kagan – artist, teacher, born into a family of architects and painters. She has a great love for aesthetics. She has always painted, painting is a part of her she started drawing graphic paintings in black and white, then a color company and now she has found a way to combine the two. Iasia often draws eyes, eyes that overlook the amazing world around or within them.

Andrei Lev Ari

Andrei Lev Ari – multidisciplinary artist (painting, photography, video, animation). Bezalel graduate, currently engaged in art produced using artificial intelligence.

NFT – Sells his works on several platforms of FOUNDATION, PORRTION (ART MIND). Appeared in street exhibitions, galleries and a virtual museum.

Larissa Leah Dizlarka

Larissa : I love drawing people, I fall in love with every character I create. In the works tries to combine bright colors, contrast, idea, mystery.

Her work styles are pop art portraits painted in bright acrylic paints. The idea in the paintings is to show the similarities between all the people and to show that each of our accelerations is part of a beautiful mosaic of unique parts. Everyone is multi-faceted and interesting. She also paints a series of black-and-white oil paintings in an Impressionist style, seeing a girl’s details, but it is impossible to understand who she is – an allegory for all the activity on social networks, where the face is not really visible .

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