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Art & Craft Land PROJECT

You Deserve To Be Seen


We love art! Our passion is to offer unique art items for the people in such a way that you will be amazed by the end result! Paintings, graphics, sculpture, design, digital art, NFT and more - all directly from the artists.


Here you can find everything in the field of craft items - handmade items made of metal, wood, ceramics, glass, textile, art jewellery and any other crafted exclusive items.

Fashion & Jewellery

It is important to be seen on the internet. You can have a great business but If people do not see nor find you, what does it profit you? If you are a fashion designer or jewellery brand we help you to be found on the internet.

Who We Are. What We Do

Art & Craft Land is a world class platform for artists and designer brands! The platform offers only exclusive items which exist as a single instance. You can also order custom items, produced only for ONE customer only!!!

Art & Craft Land is also a social project for creative people, where they can get inspired, meet others with the same interests, present their works and meet interested customers.

The platform offers the latest information and courses in the fields of marketing and art, community connection through various social networks, information and support, meetings and live events in Israel and abroad.

The project also has a social purpose to help artists keep up with global art trends like NFT, AI & AR and promote themselves on a global scale online.

+ [GIFT PDF] 12 steps “How to Become a Successful Artist”

Why it Makes Sense to Join our Project?


Get inspired, meet others with the same interests, present your works and receive information and support. You get information first-hand after registration and joining the closed art groups in Whatsapp & Telegram, receive free webinars, courses and instructions how to promote yourself and become a popular artist.


On our platform and in the social media/groups of the project you can find the latest news in the field of art auctions, exhibitions and fairs in Israel and abroad, AI & AR, NFT projects and more. Thanks to many collaborations with art curators, galleries and innovative online projects we can offer you many different opportunities to show yourself and your works.


We advertise you for free on our Instagram and fb, YouTube channel . You can also register as an artist free on our website in order to gain more sales. 

For those who is interested in boost of sales, we can help with registrations on the biggest art platforms and marketplaces like artsy, saatchiart, ebay and etsy.


The project collaborates with many software, NFT, AI & AR platforms in order to help you promoting your works and create new/advanced digital works of your own. Join the project and be part of the latest trends in the field of art.

Ask about help in order to create your own digital AI art or NFT, video storytelling and much more.

You ask - we answer

Art & Craft Land is a platform for high-level artists and exclusive crafted brands. If you have your own company or you would like to develop your own brand, you are more than welcome to join the project. If you a hand-maker and create amazing items which exist as a single instance for each customer, you can join us to find out how to establish your company and start promoting yourself as a business or brand.

The level of participants is completely different, higher than average, so you have many interesting mates to communicate and exchange ideas and experience about art.

The participation in the project and closed group is totally free. However you should send us your works and social media in order to be accepted. Only after registration on our website and approval you will receive invitation to the closed groups.

You can also register for free on our website which will increase your opportunities to sell your art. And if your works are good, they will be promoted also on our social media (facebook, instagram and youtube) for free.

The project offers also many additional services like paid promotion of your own event or products on the social media, participations in events in Israel and abroad, registrations on digital platforms and marketplaces like artsy, saatchiart, amazon, etsy, ebay, creation and sales of NFT, video storytelling and interviews, PR promotion and personal leading/consultations of businesses and artists which are paid additionally.

You can register directly for the exhibitions from the page of Event on the website? In the private group and on the website you will receive an information about the latest news in the art field including all our projects, events and promo campaigns.

After joining the project, you can contact privately the organiser of the project via whatsapp/viber/messenger: +972529370105. Please send your names, email and social media and the requested services. After that you will receive a link for the payment and instructions for appointment for consultation.

If you are interested in rare collections/items or direct contact with artists in order to promote your course/event or service, please register on our website and contact privately the organiser of the project via whatsapp/viber/messenger: +972529370105. You will be supported to pay the needed promo package or receive full assistance for consultation on special art/artist.

This is your chance!

Become a member of an International talent project that provides everyone with the opportunity to show their talent, regardless of age and art level. This is your chance!

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