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ArtLand – art that warms the soul

Free & events on special prices for our participants

*Note: For more information, please write directly to whatsapp/viber: +972(52)9370105. You can register as participant/visitor via the button on each event!

You are welcome to Open House - HASBANI

The open house 8.04.2023 between 10:00 and 18:00. The public is invited to enjoy my special creations, the fruit of the wisdom of 50 years of creation. Hasbani

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Haifa TV

Dear friends, we invite you to celebrate: Haifa TV’s 2nd Anniversary!

The First Russian-speaking Business Television of Israel

Date: March 28 at 19.00 Haifa, Merkaz Carmel district

In a programme:

– festive concert,

– buffet,

– professional photos and video shooting (with 4-5 professional video cameras and photos),

live broadcast and

– TV program with the participants of the holiday on channel 98 and in all social networks,

– and posting photos and videos on our resources,

 + the opportunity to declare yourself for gift sponsors and info-sponsors,

 + networking and the coolest PR party

 + fashion show,

– defile of designer jewelry and clothing lines,

– fair,

– tricks,

– surprises,

– gifts,

– interviews with guests and popular artists.

– drawing of club cards of the Haifa TV business club and the opportunity to become a member of the business TV business club and receive special prices from our partners and special conditions with us and at our events!

 HaifaTV Business Awards !!!

The brightest impressions and tangible benefits from one evening!

New contacts, acquaintances and potential clients!

Fun to the extreme.

Survivors of the fun go to the Athter Party!

(Just shh! Don’t tell anyone! 

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Solo Exhibition,
Milano, Italy

Deadline for registrations and payment: 30.08.2023

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Group Exhibition "Live is a miracle",
Vert Galant Gallery, Paris

Address: Vert Galant Gallery, Paris, France.
Prestige gallery in the city centre of Paris “V” with the always relevant topic “Live is a miracle”.

Deadline for Registrations and payment: 23.03.2023.

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

Solo exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi

Deadline for registrations and payment: 30.08.2023

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Solo Exhibitions,
Morocco & UAE

Deadline for registrations and payment: 30.08.2023

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Exhibition "I create - So I'm alive",
Abraham Hostel TLV

Address: Gallery of Abraham Hostel, Tel Aviv

Topic: ” אני יוצר- משמע אני קיים״”
“I create – So I’m alive”

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Open Call Solo Exhibition,
"Ushikova Gallery," Finland

The Exhibition of Israeli artists in Finland.
Address: “Usikova Gallery”, Finland
Preference for work done in a naive or abstract style, works up to 60 cm.
The artists are invited to participate in the banquet
You are welcome to send appropriate photos, resumes (a few lines) and I will send details on the subject.
Deadline for registrations and payment: 30.08.2023
Curator: Ella Rosenberg

"What's next?" Exhibition, Jerusalem

OPEN CALL for the exhibition “What’s NEXT?”

Deadline for registrations and payment: 1.04. 2023 or until the places will end

בית אות המוצר הירושלמי
The Exhibition Hall of The House of Quality, Derech Hebron 12, Jerusalem

Participation cost: 110 NIS.

There are many examples in history about an amazing ability of artists to involuntarily foresee the future. Artists can look beyond the boundaries of the hidden, think of what is difficult to imagine, see alternative scenarios and act as visionaries of possible realities. The future is such a unique space where conflicts of the past and the present can be resolved, limitations can be overcome, and the impossible can be realized. We are creating an exhibition-prediction, a window into our future, and inviting artists who are interested in sharing their visions, fantasies and dreams about what’s going to happen next here.

Mediums: painting, installation, sculpture, graphics, VR, AR, performance, video art, deep media, science-art, etc.

Organizer: Talis Gallery Jerusalem

Curator: Kate Finkelstein

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Open Call "Abstract of love",
"May Art Gallery" Finland

The Exhibition of Israeli artists in Finland.
Address: “May Art Gallery”, Lappeenranta, Finland
Preference for work done in a naive or abstract style, works up to 60 cm.
The artists are invited to participate in the banquet
You are welcome to send appropriate photos, resumes (a few lines) and I will send details on the subject.
Deadline for registrations and payment: 30.03.2023
Curator: Ella Rosenberg

Exhibition "Portraits of Golda Meir",

To: 125th anniversary of the birth of Golda Meir Association in Revivim
will hold a series of events.
The first of them Masterclass on drawing/illustrating the image of Golda.
In Golda’s archive in Revivim has various portraits from her life, we will use these pictures to depict her image (In Google you can find different images of Golda).

This is an open call to Negev artists interested in participating in this project! 

Project implementation dates: Thursday, 30.03 from 18:00 to 20:00; Friday, 31.03 from 09:00 to 11:00.

by appointment only!
How will the project be carried out: in one of the listed dates the artists will gather in the exhibition hall. They hear stories about Golda’s personality, each artist will
selected desktop, they will draw her image, accompanied by a portrait artist. You can finish the work at home in two weeks the artists will gather again with finished works.

You will have the opportunity to talk about your work. Works will be designed and presented at the exhibition in the Golda Hall Meir and further will be moved to galleries that agree to exhibit works.

Curator: Yigal Tsahor

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Group Exhibition "Green Peace",
Cinemateque TLV

Address: Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Haarbaa 5.
Participants: artists of drawing, photography, media.
Opening: Monday 03.04 18.00
The concept:
Artists in their works show the contrast between the beauty of
The virgin nature and the way it changes as a result of unreasonable exploitation of natural resources. Humanity is in pursuit of profit, without thinking about the devastating environmental consequences.
The artists’ message is clear – to save our planet for future generations. Artists are at the forefront of the fight to protect clean air and water, wildlife, forests and fields, birds and marine life.
Two groups from 1-15.04 & 15-30.04.
Personal participation: 200 NIS for works up to 80 cm.

Anton Antonov, Alona Barkov, Varda Breger, Leah Larissa Dizlarka, Evgeny Gofman, Alla Gorelik, Israel Kadoch, Yasia Kagan, Vladimir Kanischev, Rahel Beatrice Moschas, Liana Navon, Michael Vinitsky, Romaya Puchman, Maria Tovbina , Shade Tfara, Lia Tolchinsky, Evgeny Rybin, Tomer Sery

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

Beauty Tech

Beauty Tech TLV is back!


Address: Rothschild 45 , Tel Aviv.

Let’s discuss how important it is to take care of yourself, your health, psychology and beauty in order to reach heights in business and entrepreneurship. After all, when you are filled with energy, your creativity blossoms. They say that innovation and creativity go hand in hand with creating successful startups and projects. We discuss lifestyle and self-care in order to conquer the stars.

See you!

Cost: Regular 150NIS, Guest+1 – 225 NIS, VIP – 500 NIS, Open Mic – 900 NIS

With the promocode Dobrinka you have discount 10%!

Organizer: Sonia Vainstein

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Fashion Market


Address: Derech Haeretz 1, Ashdod, Israel

Opening: 9:00.

Cost of participation:
one-time without saving a seat 270 NIS, 3-6 months – 260 NIS / month with the preservation of a permanent place.

Exclusive textile, shoes & interior, designer items.

What to expect:  Live music, coffee, tea, vine and snacks.

Organizer: Regina Mor

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Fashion show: International Inspiration Day,
Tel Aviv

Solo/Group exhibition,
Cinematek TLV

Solo exhibition: Shir Beck

Possibility for Group/Solo Exhibition.

Address: Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Haarbaa 5.

Personal participation: 1000 NIS for solo exhibition, 200 NIS per work for group exhibition.

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Solo exhibition Michael Hazin, Jaffa

“Within and beyond”: a new solo exhibition by the artist Michael Hazin

Address: Ashkila Gallery,  2 Shimon Ben Tsat, Jaffa

A new exhibition presented at the Ashkila Gallery, the artist Michael Hazin presents works of abstract representations that focus on color and texture. Michael Khazin was born in Odessa to a family of artists and studied at prestigious art schools in Russia with the best artists of the time. The city where he studied and lived, Odessa, left its mark on his soul for the rest of his life. He rose up among a group of free-spirited artists.

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Group Exhibition "Stories"
Germany, Berlin

Dear artists,
We are preparing for a new exhibition as part of a project
“Promoting Israeli artists in Israel and abroad”. 
Address: Galerie Vinogradov
Chodowieckistraße 25, 10405 Berlin, Germany.
This exhibition is special in that it looks to the future.
We connect very different worlds in it – science, history, nature and the world of art.
Those interested in participating in this project please send photos (write the name of the work, size and technique).
Preference is given to works on cardboard: watercolors, charcoal, gouache, prints.
Personal participation: 1200 NIS, for a series of 4 works up to 40 cm, or 3 works up to 60 cm.
The exhibition will be presented in the gallery for two weeks.
Participants: Adi Lerner, Batyah Gazit, Dorit Mendelson, Varda Breger, Yona Kaminsky, Eyal Moyal, Israel Asher Kaplan, Jean Yves Amouyal, Leah-Larisa Dizlarka, Liber Gantman, Marie Rosenbloom, Michal Zakai, Neta Weinstock, Nirit Gilad Ovadia, Ora Tenenbaum, Sara Sheratzky, Shoshi Menashe, Tamar Frich-Helviz.
For those interested to travel with us, we can organise ticket+hotel and a tour with a guide in Germany!
Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Home exhibition Michael Hazin

Michael Hazin
Exhibition at Artist's House

We invite you to an unique exhibition in the house of the famous Israeli artist Michael Hazin. The exhibition will be held at the artist’s house where you will have the opportunity to personally meet and buy his original works.

Hazin is called the master of the European cultural tradition. Michael Hazin’s style is unique and combines many trends – from impressionism to hyperrealism and pop art.

The works of Michael Hazin can be found in the permanent exhibitions of major European museums (in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, etc.). The author has repeatedly presented his works in cities in the USA (New York, Boston, Miami). In Israel, the artist has his own gallery. Also, a significant part of the work was purchased in private collections. The author’s works are also presented in NFT format. They can be found on gate portals. io and

The artist’s paintings were repeatedly presented at one of the largest auctions in the world – Sotheby’s. And it’s not by chance. Since the works of the author of such a scale can become not only a good interior decoration, but also a profitable investment in the future.

Dates: 10.02.2023 (Friday) 11.00-15.00
02/11/2023 (Saturday) 11:00-20:00
02/12/2023 – 16/02/2023 from 18:00 to 20:00

Address: Amnon and Tamar 14/1 St, Ramat Puleg Netanya.

The exhibition is organised with the assistance of the artist’s official representative – the Land and Art Project.

Original works by Michael Hazin can be ordered/purchased through the platform.

NFT works: and

Exhibition-gallery for paintings, sketches and other art pieces.

Promo: Art & Craft Land

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Solo exhibition,
Cinematek TLV

Hi all,
I invite you to the opening of an exhibition of two artists; Yona Kaminsky and Natalie Segal.

Opening: Monday, 20.03 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

Opening hours: every day from 9 am to 10 pm.

Address: Haarbaa 5, Tel aviv.

“Open Talk” at the opening of the exhibition @Dobrinka Encheva Enterpreneur and
my story about the project
promotion of artists. Under the auspices of the association -Art Unlimited.

A pleasant atmosphere awaits you, discussion of upcoming exhibitions, acquaintance with artists and much more.
Buffet from 18.00.

Come early to take your seats in the cinematheque cafeteria.
have a nice week.

Curator: Ella Rosenberg

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Conference of RusBiz with Issac Pintusevich


  • arrived in the country recently and is looking in the direction of his business
  • is a representative of digital professions
  • works for hire, but wants to go free-floating
  • opened his Esek and is looking for ways to develop
  • knows the value of the environment and strives to expand contacts among Russian-speaking businessmen in Israel
  • learns from the best and takes experience and work practices from existing businessmen
  • does business in Israel and is looking for new clients

On March 9, 2022, the first off-line conference of Russian-speaking business “RusBiz” will be held in Tel Aviv.
The conference is organized in partnership with the Israel Business Association and with the support of the Tel Aviv City Hall.

What awaits you:
6 speakers – current successful businessmen, with whom we will talk about:
👉🏻 what support measures are provided to repatriates in the country
-> where to get money to start a business and on what conditions
-> financial thinking and actions towards growth and scaling
-> marketing in Israel through the eyes of a professional marketer from Ukraine
-> beauty sphere, as the most demanded among repatriates from the former CIS countries.

And, of course, about SALES not through force, but with pleasure.

The headliner of the conference is
Itzhak Pintasevich is a world-famous motivational speaker, Honorary Professor of Leadership at SYNERGY Business School.
President of the International Professional Association of Business Coaches and Coaches.

As part of the RusBiz conference, a digital specialist fair will also be held, where all visitors will be able to find a contractor in such areas as:
SMM, coaching, marketing, targeting, copywriting and others.

We are looking forward to the conference of active and enterprising entrepreneurs who are ready to become part of the business community and jointly grow in income and scale.

*Special offer for professions that help business (digital professions): participation in the event not only as a listener, but also as a participant in the digital professions fair. 

Organizer: Julia Rainvain


Conference of RusBiz with Issac Pintusevich

Jaffa Creative Hub

A creative quarter for Ukrainian and Russian artists and creative professionals.

Project mission: to prevent Ukrainian and Russian Olim in Israel from confrontation and to create a safe space that could reunite people from Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia finding their new home in Israel.

In this new reality it is extremely important to find a common ground and to start a dialogue between the artists and creatives running from their home countries. We believe that through communication we could find a way to live and to create together.

Our plan is to combine workshops, art laboratories and discussions to form a diverse program that gives a voice to people from different countries and backgrounds.

We are a team of cultural / social projects and media professionals from MART Festival, SNOB TLV and Social Space NGO and We believe that co-existing could be beautiful and enriching if we give it a chance.

The project involves wide media and press coverage, will attract all Russian and Ukrainian bloggers including celebrities to create a positive agenda and don’t let the ideology conjuncture take Jewish people apart.

Who are we looking for

⁃ artists and digital artists
⁃ designers of everything
⁃ content creators
⁃ musicians

What we’re gonna do

⁃ Art residency: live and create in the heart of old Jaffa – crossroads of all world cultures with 4 thousand year history.
⁃ Create projects together with SNOB TLV and MART Festival team
⁃ Art and culture projects pitching sessions to investors and philanthropists
⁃ Mentorship program
⁃ NFT poster series “create together” by israeli Ukrainian and Russian artists
⁃ “Create together” Video series: bloggers and celebs encourage people for the dialogue in the culture sphere
⁃ Clothes up-cycling and wearable arts creation
⁃ Create vintage Jewelry collection for peace
⁃ Reach out to facebook, instagram and Google to support the initiative in the framework of “create don’t hate platform”
⁃ Partner with International influencers agency to create a festival project to throw attention to the topic of co-creation.
Newcomers Artists from Ukraine and Russia, that comes to Israel please contact:

Curator: Elja Cohen


Jaffa Theater

“Marilyn Monroe, Ben-Gurion, Eli Cohen, Amy Winehouse, ” What do they have in common?

Our exclusive exhibition “Under the Mask of Fame” . Who were these famous people really? What did they hide under the mask of the image known to us? Let’s try to figure it out together!

Get ready for the NEW FORMAT EXHIBITION with the option to buy the original and digital painting in NFT format (cryptocurrency is also accepted). 

This is the first exhibition in a planned series of hybrid NFT exhibitions. Along with Israeli artists, also includes artists from Morocco, India, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries.
The grand opening of the exhibition will take place on July 5 at 18:30, and from 20:30 a theatrical performance in Arabic “Halimiat”.

Register here

Organizers: Art & Craft Land, Art Unlimited
Curator: Ella Rosenberg
Sponsor: Old Theater Jaffa

More detailed information about the participants can be seen at the link:

Peace for Ukraine - open call for a non-profit exhibition

Dear artists!
In these hard times of the war in Ukraine, everyone is doing what they can. If you feel like you can’t stay on the side and want your voice to be heard, to send a message or to express your attitude about it, join our exhibition.

The topic is open to interpretations: feel free to express your feelings about the situation, document the reality around you, send a message – direct or metaphoric.

Any forms of artworks suitable for an offline exhibition are accepted: photos, painting, installations, performances…

We are a group of independent art curators and producers that want to organize exhibitions in big cities of Israel. We are in contact with several alternative art venues and public spaces that are ready to host the exhibition.
This is a volunteer project, so unfortunately to don’t have the budget for the production, but the venues will support the marketing.
The profits from selling the artworks will be transfered to the funds that support Ukrainian citizens.

Organizer: Dasha Iliashenko


Designer market: paintings, jewelry, ceramics, glass & more.

The fair is held with the participation of Hevra Kalkalit le Haifa (Haifa City Hall) and I am its co-organizer.
Participation costs 180 NIS.

Organizer: Inna Blazer


On March 8, a very cool event will take place in Gan Air Canyon (Tel Aviv): a market for designers and craftsmen. But not only!
Many surprises and special promotions will take place on this day, some of them are ONLY for the members of the group!

Organizer: Inna Blazer

Jewelry art by G.Kabirski

Exhibition sale of jewelry

Organizer: G.Kabirski

Zebra זברה

Exhibition sale in a coffee shop in Haifa

Organizer: Zebra זברה

Binyamina Days - A monthly fair for antiquities, art and collectibles

Designer Market Tel Aviv

Designer market: paintings, jewelry, ceramics, New Year’s pajamas, candles, New Year’s evening dresses, perfume, glass.

Organizer: Magic Girls

Pop up Tel Aviv

The designer market is co-operated by several designers.

Organizer: Anna Shenderova

Nocturno in Jerusalem

Joint exhibition of paintings, sketches and other works of art by several Israeli artists.

Organizer: Hagit Argman

Russian Culture Center

Exhibition at the RKC, city center of Tel Aviv.
Exhibition-gallery for paintings, sketches, jewelries, ceramics, fashion & more.

Organizer: Art & Craft Land

Live meeting & exhibition with our artists, ceramists and designers, where you can get to know, hear about their work and see on the spot their art.

More information about the event HERE.

7.10.21 Opening ceremony 6p.m. with live meeting of the artists.
8-21.10.21 Exhibition.

1. Tasha Fux (Natalia Krashchina)
2. Larisa Lvovski
3. Andrey Lev Ari
4. Nelly Levin
5. Alla Gluzman
6. Larisa Bunschaft
7. Yulia Bogdanovskaya
8. Marusha (Maria Besonov)
9. Yasya Kagan
10. Hana Dania
11. Evgeny Vaisman
12. Yakov Feldman
13. Mikhail Goldberg
14. Shir Beck

Organizer of the event: Dobrinka Parvanov, Avishaj Manarola

*EXHIBITION IS FREE, MANDATORY REGISTRATION VIA THE LINK OR BUTTON BELOW. After registering you will receive an email invitation that you need to print.

After registration, you will receive an invitation to the email, which must be printed.

Sponsors: Russian Culture Center Tel aviv

Exhibition in Harish City

Plowing festival on Derech Eretz Street on November 3rd and 4th.
Together with an art exhibition by a group of ArtHarish artists.

Organizer: ArtHarish


Haifa Designer Market

Shishik – Black Friday at the door!
Following the hysterical success of the Haifa sales fair, we invite you to an event that will launch a new, large, magnificent and much shiny one!

Organizer: Haifa Municipality

Come and be impressed and enjoy the most colorful Black Friday there is!
A wide variety of addictive stalls from clothing, jewelry and accessories to an abundance of pastries, sweets and a variety of unique items.
The global shopping season opens with a glorious and diverse Black Friday here in Haifa too, do not miss it!

Timeless beauty in ancient Jaffa

Exhibition-opening at the ancient part of Jaffa.
Exhibition-gallery for paintings, sketches, jewelries, ceramics, fashion & more.

Organizer: Art & Craft Land

*Come and enjoy true timeless beauty in this antique place!

Live meeting with our artists, ceramists and designers, where you can get to know, hear about their work and see on the spot how they draw / make their products.

4.7.21 Opening ceremony at 19:00. Video: Timur Shnaider, Music: Alexander Spivak (violin), Yelena Borisov (piano)
5.7.21 12:30-15:00 Artist: Svetlana Sorokina, Video: Sasha Bush
6.7.21 12:30-15:00 Artist: Larisa-Leah Bunschaft & Jewelry Designer Anna Kopilevich, Video: Avishaj Manarola (13-19)
7.7.21 12:30-15:00 Artist: Jenny Lebedev , Video: Sasha Bush (12-15)
8.7.21 12:30-15:00 Artist: Maria Bessonov (Marusha), Video: Sasha Bush (10-14)
9.7.21 12:30-15:00 Artists: Andrey Lev-Ari, Larissa Lvovskaya & Elizaveta Ginzburg, Video: Avishaj Manarola (12.30-17)
10.7.21 Shabbat – not open
11.7.21 12:30-15:00 Ceramics: Nataly Feldman, Video: Avishaj Manarola (12.30-17)
12.7.21 12:30-15:00 Artists: Larissa Lvovskaya , Video: Jenny Lebedev
13.7.21 12:30-15:00 Jewelry designer: Anna Kopilevich, Video: Jenny Lebedev
14.7.21 12:30-15:00 Closure of the event

Organizer of the event: Dobrinka Parvanov, Avishaj Manarola & Zina Rosenblit

*EXHIBITION IS FREE, MANDATORY REGISTRATION VIA BUTTON BELOW. After registration, you will receive an invitation to the email, which must be printed.

Sponsors: Bridal & groom shop “DOR” & AVNI Institute

Designer festival "Sparkle life", Netania

Fashion fair. The organizer reserves the right to choose the participants. Also option for jewelry, glass, ceramics.

Organizer: Anna Yantovskaya

Designer festival, Netania

Fashion fair. The organizer reserves the right to choose the participants. Also option for jewelry, glass, ceramics.

Organizer: Anna Yantovskaya

Trade fair, Ashdod

Bazaar for jewelry, glass, ceramics, clothes and fashion

Organizer: Regina Mor

Tel Aviv Presents Fair

Bazaar for jewelery, glass, ceramics, clothes and fashion, etc.

Organizer: Alona Shleipak

Exhibition, Tel Aviv

Exhibition at the RCC (Russian Cultural Centre) in Tel Aviv.
Exhibition-gallery for paintings, sketches and other art.

Organizer: Alona Shleipak

Trade fair, Ashdod

Bazaar for jewelery, glass, ceramics, clothes and fashion, etc.

Organizer: Regina Mor

The runway calls us in the year of travels  An exciting invitation to the international day of inspiration at the fashion week full of glam.
Date and time: 21.3.23, Tuesday, 9:00 am
Address: Hangar 11, Port of Tel Aviv
What to expect: // Morning of border breaking // Limited number of places | Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv.
>> Take out the most chic outfit from the closet and come to fly together this year the tradition continues.
Come and celebrate inspiration with us in a morning full of creation, the launch of a capsule of Poets.

Edited by Tzipi Libara , a fashion show, muses and creation.

Hosted by Noa Rosin.
Cost: 100, 200 NIS.