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Exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel

Maria Bessonov exhibition

Our artists - part of an exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel

On April 11, an exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel, organized by curator Alona Shleipak, opens at the Russian Cultural Center.

The exposition of the exhibition presents the works of Israeli and Russian artists, jewelry designers and puppeteers who were very talented, deeply and extraordinarily able to reveal this topic.

Our talented artist Maria Bessonov (Marusha) was invited to be part of this exciting event showing two countries whose histories are closely intertwined with their roots, traditions, memories and reality. This is our life, filled with achievements, ups and downs, dreams and reality. In the end, this is what we have inside, what we live and breathe. Many of us came to Israel and started a new chronology here. But you can’t erase words from a song. In the same way, you cannot put it aside, you cannot erase and cannot be locked in a chest, memory, pedigree, connections, friendship, old photographs, childhood fantasies and youthful dreams, first love and first kiss. We do not live in the past, but we do not sweep it aside or forget it. The present is built on the experience of the past. And the past becomes the foundation for the present.
Our grandparents fought for the country, for Russia. Our children are protecting Israel. We preserved our language, culture, learned Hebrew and became an integral part of Israeli society. Listening to the radio we sing along with Makarevich and Shlomo Artsi with pleasure. And while dipping pita into delicious hummus, we always remember about a small notebook with grandmother’s recipes for borscht and butter dough. We bring hamsas, red strings and Magendavids into gifts. And we admire the nesting dolls, wooden spoons and glasses presented to us, lo and behold !!!! In real cup holders. We follow all the news and are equally happy about the achievements of both countries.
“We are all so different and we have so much in common. We help each other, support and try to make our life brighter, more colorful and filled with joy. And it doesn’t matter at all where you live, but the most important thing is that you are a Human. And this is what the works of our talented participants tell about, ”says Alona.
The event is supported and facilitated by:
Russian Cultural Center – Denis Parkhomchuk
Association of Russian-Speaking Women of Israel – Yana Azikovich
Amut “Shaarei Tarbut” – Ilya Levin
Organization of compatriots KSORS Israel – Max Perelstein
Curator and inspirer of the exhibition – Alona Shleipak
The exhibition opens on April 11 at 19:00 at 38 Geula Tel Aviv, RCC and will run until May 4.
Free admission.