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Nataly Feldman

Natalie Feldman
Ceramics with Soul!

Since childhood, I love nature, animals, forest, snow … It’s in the blood at the cellular level 🙂
I love everything, that you can create with your hands, feel the world through touch.
Pottery has become my true love a feeling unspeakable in words when something wonderful suddenly starts to emerge from the undefined material !!
Clay is a special material, with its own character and life.
All my works are filled with light energy and joy, because it is happiness to do what the soul sings from!
In almost every product, what I create is my own story, thought, plot!
And this makes my ceramics special: it will decorate your home, create a special style and comfort, will touch the soul and mind.

P.S. There is an opportunity to make an order.

Phone number:972547700278