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Marusha, 36, was born in St. Petersburg, a self-taught artist.
She discovered a talent for painting after her daughter’s birth.

She draws inspirited from the beauty and power of the female figure and body but not only!
She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Some of her works are in private collections in different countries.
Various Exhibitions:
1) September 2016 – St. Petersburg’s “Spaces of Russia”
2) December 2016- “Light of Chanukah” Tel Aviv Space Gallery
3) May 2017 “Cruise around the world” St. Petersburg
4) October 2017 Solo Exhibition “Art Dialogue” St. Petersburg
5) November 2017 Solo Exhibition “Homecoming” Petergoff
6) March 2018 Petergoff “International Relations”
7) July 2018 Single Exhibition “Contrasts” St. Petersburg
8) November 8, 2018 “Musical Composition in the Picture” Petah Tikva
9) February 2019 International Exhibition “IMAGO” – Curator-MARUSHA! St. Petersburg
10) April 2019 “Want & paint” Moscow
11) June 2019 “Touching Happiness” Bat Yam
12) August 2019 “Sexy Summer in Little Tel Aviv”, Tel Aviv
13) September 2019 “Secrets of the Fall” Tel Aviv


MAIN: Paintings

STYLES: Oil, Aquarelle

Interested In​

Fashion, Sport, Fine Art.

Phone number:972529370105