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Jenny Lebedeva

My name is Jenny, sketcher, and visualizator, with experience in book illustration and logo design. 

 I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Shenkar College.

My background in the construction of various installations at exhibitions, the visual ability of deep perception, and a deep understanding of the distribution of illumination determine my attentive and detailed approach to visualization.

 Inspired by a passion for understanding the nuances of beauty, aesthetics, and refines, looking for their manifestation in everything.

I eager to both build on my academic foundations in art and stay in tune with the latest digital sketch strategies.

 I value responsible, respect, and mindfulness in every field of life, especially in my work. I have an interest in yoga, meditation, gardening, and dancing. Currently, I’m working as a freelancer, and I’m always interested in a new challenge. 

Phone number:972526229874