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Art challenge! ArtLand is looking for impressive artists, designers & more to show your talent!

Art challenge! ArtLand is looking for impressive artists, designers & more to show your talent!

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Important information🔥 

I really like Instagram and YouTube accounts with personal stories filled with lively emotions and lightness! And I am sure that each of us: artist, painter, sculptor, designer, as well as a person who loves and buys art items, loves individuality and originality, has something to tell, interesting and exciting🔥 

So😁 My dear artists and craftsmen and everyone, who loves, is interested, is engaged in creativity or trying to, creates and promotes his/her brand, I want to offer an original idea🔥 

Record a video (5-10 min.) with a short personal story about himself, where the main character will be YOU and, of course, your story. Probably everyone can write his/her own biography, but I want to keep your story alive and interesting, filled with you, your feelings & desires inspired, hooked, showed your personality and natural habitat :). 

I want each of you to have such an opportunity – to show your art, investing in it a part of yourself, your life, souls.. Please record this video about yourself and send it to me (all addresses at the end of the post). 

Join our friendly community, and we will put these stories on Instagram and on the YouTube channel. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to express yourself, your personality and show your work. Let our channel and social networks become interesting, perky and lively, the same, how are you😍 Tell us about yourself, interesting, easy and natural way! This can be an awesome and rewarding experience❣ 

Those of you who haven’t done the video yet, please try to record it in your house with your phone, to show your family and tell a little about yourself. You can choose any theme: “How does an immigrant from Russia who is engaged in art live?”, “Mom or artist, what comes first?” “Art in my home, life and family.” 

Choose the topic by yourself. Write and send me a PM on whatsapp: +972529370105 and send the video via or other app with good quality. Your location doesn’t matter, age too, matters just your desire to be unique and show yourselves, your art and individuality. And we offer this opportunity to everyone! If you still have doubts or do not know how to make a video, join the mini-master class, which will be coming soon: “How to shoot with your phone to get the best quality. And about a simple installation. 

“The idea is spontaneous, but interesting)) 

Waiting for everybody! 

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