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A community art project is coming out in a mass crowdfunding campaign

“Tampera”, Lisa Ginzburg, 42X30 cm

Art projects are not only luxuries but play a vital role in creating opportunities that increase the chances of communities not being able to expose and realize the potential inherent in group members. The ART & CRAFT LAND project is an inspiring project that shows how an entrepreneur with dreams together with individual artists can make a difference.Dobrinka Parbanov, an entrepreneur and event producer mainly in the field of art, is behind the establishment of the project. It was her belief in the ability of art to create a more beautiful world and the ability of people to work together on issues of common interest that motivated her to set up the project. The issue that bothered her most of all was the daily difficulty faced by artists whose reality of life does not allow them to engage in what they love most – art. The idea is to establish a digital platform for all artists in Israel, a more accessible platform that will increase the artists’ exposure to art lovers. The community consists mainly of Israeli women artists and new immigrants from diverse fields such as: design, art, ceramics and sculpture. Most artists do not make use of the digital tools available to them today and this platform is an opportunity to introduce them to the digital world.These days, the mass recruitment campaign has begun, the goal of which is to establish the digital platform.

“Our Fears”, Leah Larissa Bunshaft, oil on canvas 100X100 cm
“A Woman in a Shirt”, Leah Larissa Bonfest, oil on canvas, 50X50
“Music of Love”, Larissa Lebowski, oil on canvas, 70X50
“Flight in the skies of Israel”, Natalia Kreshchin, oil on canvas, 90X80
“The Persimmon Branch”, Elyona Shpendik, hot batik on silk, 60X60 cm

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